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Services Offerred

In Home Consultation

I'm flexible and am able to accommodate my clients in several ways.  One of my services is an In Home Consultation.  This entails a first time meeting with a potential client as well as their dog.  During this consultation, we would discuss the client's needs and expectations for their dog.  I would interact with the dog while appraising how the dog interacts with me as well as its owners.  From that point, discussion would ensue with the owners about their expectations along with discussing a plan of action to help the owners.  Once that is done, a small contract would be signed detailing the responsibilities of all parties involved as well as payment and payment options.

Private Training

If you are looking for a safe environment for your dog or puppy but are unable to commit to a scheduled class at another place, private training is definitely for you.  I would meet you at your house and training would begin after the In Home Consultation is completed.  Each session is scheduled for an hour for a day and time that would match everyone's schedule.

Puppy Assessments

Are you looking for a puppy but just aren't sure what breed you're interested in, whether to adopt, or go through a breeder?  One of the most important things to remember is knowing what level of activity you are looking for as your puppy matures.  Do you want a dog that will take runs with you, fetch, go hunting or do you want a dog that will be more relaxed and calm.  Sometimes it is difficult to determine but there are several important items to look for and observe about a puppy before choosing to bring it home.  Remember, this puppy will rely on you for leadership, guidance, health care, and affection for the rest of their lives.  Please make sure you are ready for such a commitment.

Obedience Training

Are you experiencing trouble controlling your dog in certain situations with basic obedience commands?  This solution might be right up your alley.  As an owner and leader your dog must understand that you are there to guide them, not the other way around.  That doesn't mean you have to impose harsh punishment.  With basic obedience, you can begin or start over with your companion to re-establish the leadership role and bond you originally wanted.


Do you want to take your furry companion with you to certain places but they start to get scared or act out?  It may be that your dog didn't receive proper socialization in their early years of development.  It's something that is a very common problem, but with time, patience and guidance, I can assist you with this issue so not only can you take your companion with you to certain places, you won't feel embarrassed by their previous behavior.

Loose Leash Walking

Do you have an unruly dog or one that doesn't behave correctly on a leash?  This is a great option for clients in this predicament.  I can help analyze and observe what your dog needs while creating an action plan to help you, as the owner, and your dog get to a place where you enjoy your walk as a leader and so will your dog.

Dog Rescue Rehabilitation 

Choosing to rescue a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences a dog owner can go through.  However, there are often challenges to overcome with dogs from rescues or foster organizations.  Often dogs that are dropped off at a rescue (like the SPCA or Humane Society) or found and turned in do not have background information to know what happened in their previous homes.  They could have been abused, neglected, rejected or something else may have happened.  Sometimes these dogs are relinquished by owners that can no longer care for them due to health or financial reasons. They may have decided they are unable to handle behavaioral issues.  Instead of looking for help, they give the dog up.  If you are looking to adopt from a rescue or foster, I can assist you in finding a good fit for your home.  Once the decision is made, I can also assist in the introduction of the rescue into its new environment.

If you already have a rescue, but are experiencing issues, please don't give up.  All dogs deserve a chance to live a happy, healthy life in a home environment that is willing to give it a chance.   When unwanted behaviors start to occur, it's time to seek professional help earlier rather than later.  Much patience and consistency is required with a dog like this, but I can help you with this situation.

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues can often manifest immediately or over time.  Your dog had been potty trained, but now he is no longer letting you know he needs to go outside, eliminates inside the house secretly or while you're not home.  You're thinking to yourself, "What has happened?!"  There could be any number of problems that could be health related, changes in the household environment, routine schedules and other such factors.

Your dog may be digging like crazy in your backyard and you don't understand why it's happening.  He may have started barking all of the sudden for long periods of time and you're not able to get him to stop.  You go to work and when you return, possessions are destroyed and none of this has ever happened.  These issues should be analyzed to find the root cause of the behavior and then redirect the dog in a productive manner.
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Reactivity Triggers

Reactivity triggers occur when a dog is visually uncomfortable in what it sees. It may be something that is unfamiliar to them or they may not have been socialized to it properly. These triggers often develop in the very early stages of puppy hood, anywhere between 8-16 weeks old.  They can include such things as negatively reacting to other dogs.  Most people think this is considered aggression, however, it is more about fear.  Other reactivity triggers could include certain sounds and people.  The good thing is that there are ways to help control these triggers and lessen the reactivity.  This is called determining the threshold of when the trigger occurs.  There are many options to help a dog with these triggers and while they may not completely go away, they can become manageable with maintenance, persistence, and patience.
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