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​Sabrina Burns, ABCDT
Removing Rott'n from your Canine Companion
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   I worked in the corporate world for almost 17 years with the same company.  I moved from different positions, until I made it to the Training, Learning & Development team.  During my time in this position I trained new hires and existing employees in a variety of different areas including Auto Collections, Mortgage Collections, Bankruptcy, and the Home Affordable Modification Program.  After so many years, I finally realized I wasn't happy.  
   In 2013, the opportunity presented itself to allow me to finally pursue my passion for dog training.  Although it isn't required in the state of Texas to be a licensed dog trainer, I attended the Animal Behavioral College.  Through a series of many courses, volunteering at local shelters, and a mentorship with a local trainer named Wendy Dek, I completed all necessary assignments to earn my Dog Obedience Training License.  My mentor Wendy is one of a very few Licensed Trainers to be associated with Victoria Stillwell's "It's Me or the Dog" positive reinforcement training methods as well being part of her program.  
   As a result of this hard work, I'm finally able to help owners and their dogs in many ways which in turn helps them to have a stronger bond with each other upon completion of training.


    My love for dogs developed at a very EARLY age.  One of the basic but most important things I would ever learn from dogs was unconditional love.  Every dog we ever had was always given unconditional love.  Living in the country, we often had many dogs that were dropped off by those who no longer wanted them. We didn't care.  We took the dogs in and treated them as our own.   My first dog was a Daschund named Princess.  She was black and tan.  We even had a blind cocker spaniel that showed up such a mess that we didn't realize he was blind until after he had been groomed.  We named him George. We took in stray cats as well.  Needless to say, I was always surrounded by four-legged animals until I went to college.
   My father even introduced his love of dogs to my mother. He did early dog training, which I observed, learned. and would help with the training.  One day, even after all the dogs I had been surrounded by, he brought home these super cute and cuddly puppies with no tails, named JR & Alexis.  This was my first introduction to the Rottweiler breed.
   After leaving home for college, it was a few years before I was able to provide a good home for any dogs of my own.  I missed that aspect of life terribly, but I knew it wasn't the right time.  I did have a wonderful cat named Sinbad who kept me company though.  During college, I started working part-time in the corporate world and after graduation, I continued with the same company.
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